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Innovation, Precision and Flawless Design ... On Demand

Rex Manufacturing has the technology and capability to meet expectations with regard to quality and performance when project specifications call for intricate product features, special details, and tightly held tolerances. We can handle small or large lot sizes and are accustomed to adhering to tight deadlines and delivery schedules. From small lathe work to metal machining, equipment fabrication to powder coating, Rex is your manufacturing solution.

The machining and fabricating processes offered by Rex cover a wide range, as well as a wide variety of materials and custom designs. Our metal fabrication and horizontal and vertical machining capabilities range from small precision parts to large equipment. These manufacturing capabilities are enhanced by a wide variety of specialized tooling and fixture designs. The manufacturing divisions at Rex have been developed based on a blend of proven procedures, equipment and facilities to provide extensive services to our customers. We offer assistance with design for fabrication in order to provide the highest quality parts at an affordable price. Using the latest in machining methods we are able to machine even the most complex features for the most demanding industries.

Our fully trained staff takes the manufacturing process to new heights. With many decades of experience, our highly technical team works with our customers to ensure excellent unparalleled service and results. We assure quality control and workmanship beginning with the raw materials through precision powder coating and final delivery. Constant inspections and testing combined with skilled personnel promotes customer satisfaction—our aim with every project we complete.

Rex Manufacturing Services include:

  • Fabrication
  • Horizontal and Vertical Machining
  • Lathe Work
  • Powder Coating

Our services don't stop with manufacturing. For more information about our Mechanical and Electrical Assembly services, click on the Rex Services tab.